Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I have been back in the family home for 6 months now and I am yet to properly organise a work station for my sewing machine, laptop, scanner/printer and the other copious amounts of art 'stuff' I couldn't possibly throw away. 
Along with the above also comes a growing collection of interior/craft/design books and magazines that are currently sat on my floor next to the two white floating shelves I got last month! (My room needs a paint before any diy can commence) 

Anyway, next week is the week to get organised and for now I'm happy looking at some fun and useful bookends! 

The Bulldog Bookends, Graham & Green, £60

Letter holder and tape dispenser bookend, Ideaco, around £22

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Although bookends depict a structured space, I am also a fan of the natural collection of things. I love the two images below showing a mix match of personal items collected around books and magazines.

I particularly like the idea of incorporating vintage wooden printers blocks!

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