Monday, 7 November 2011

Have a Handmade Christmas

With money being tight for many this year a little homemade 'do-it-yourself' is a fantastic way to forget about the purse strings and get your creative juices flowing. These handmade decorations can either take pride of place on your own tree or be given as gifts to family and friends. 
Here a few ideas taken from Folksy which are easy to re-create using your own scrap fabrics, buttons and ribbon.

And why not get the whole family involved with many children's felt craft kits on the market


  1. Of course, encouraging people to copy someone else's creation, such as my Christmas trees at the top of this page, is not really giving much thought to someone who works hard to make a living and tries very hard to come up with original designs

  2. Hmmm.....I turn bowls and although I never copy another craftspersons work, one bowl can be very similar to another makers. I think, as makers ourselves, we can only applaud others who make.