Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Chiffon Shirt Cushion


I found this chiffon shirt in a charity shop in the lovely village of Olney. I absolutely loved the rich indigo colour and snapped it up for a bargain of £2 in the intention of doing some diy...


And ta da! It ended up being re-cycled into an utterly unique 18x18" envelope cushion cover.

 All together my materials cost around £24 with the biggest expense going on the purple pom pom trim from Dunelm Mill.

As i used chiffon (a lightweight and delicate fabric) it was important to back the material before sewing. For this i used navy cotton sheeting and fused together using a fabric adhesive spray and a very hot iron.

If you are interested in making something similar, you can follow this easy step by step guide here.

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  1. You are so clever, its beautiful! I want to do this! x